Kamala Thai Massage massages list. All services have variable duration from 30 to 120 minutes.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional thai massage combines pressures made mostly with hands and fingers along the energetic lines with stretching postures inspired by indian yoga. These procedures open the body energetically and physically. The final purpose of thai massage, both for the receiver and the practitioner, is that of reaching a state of “lightness”, an emotional and spiritual elevation.

Thai Massage with oil

A variation of traditional thai massage that make use of specific essential oils. This massage consist essentially on an alternation of fluid movements and deep pressures exerted with hand-palms. Thai culture has always used oils and essences to heal the body. The massage made in combination with therapeutic oils at room temperature helps our body to balance our energetic flow and maintains the skin smooth and elastic.

Relaxing massage with oil

Relaxing massage help us to get in contact with our emotions. Muscles lengthen and tensions loosen into a state of physical and mental wellness. Massage techniques imply the use, besides hands and fingers, of forearms and elbows. This massage is recommended in case of hypertension, anxious states or insomnia and it helps blood circulations.

Foot Thai massage

This massage rely on Reflexology, a technique based on the notion that each body part is represented on the feet and that pressing on specific areas you can obtain therapeutic effects all over the body. Each ailment is treated following a precise map that will help you improve the overall health of your customer.


Shiatsu is a practical method of preventive care and therapy that increases vitality, relieves fatigue and It stimulates the natural power of self-healing by means of a pressure exerted on key points of the body.

Four hands massage

This massage doubles the effectiveness of traditional Thai massage. It is particularly relaxing, relaxant, used to relieve fatigue. The four hand massage is an all-embracing treatment that can instill brand new energy into body and mind

Couples massage

This massage allows you to share with your partner a moment of pleasure. It will be performed simultaneously in the same room by two different practitioners, so as to benefit from a shared relaxing moment. If you wish to spend some time with your partner and reduce stress, there is no better way than having a couples massage!