The Shop

The renovated “Kamala Thai Massage” is located in the centre of Rome, near piazza Risorgimento. A nice and cozy oriental ambience greets the customers while the staff takes take care of their body and soul with treatments and massage techniques which come directly from the ancient oriental tradition.

Our aim is to let our clients experience moments of peace and wellness in total relax of mind and body, as we believe that the physical well-being cannot exist without that of the spirit. Our staff is made up of highly qualified practitioners coming from various schools in Thailand.

The centre is open from 10 am to 9 pm every day of the week, including Sundays. We have chosen this long schedule to give the possibility to most people to have some time to lull themselves appreciating the benefits of thai massage.

Thai Massage

This ancient system of healing has been practised in Thailand for more than 2200 years. It was codified in the 5th Century B.C. by the Indian doctor Shivago Kumar Baj, still referred to in Thailand as the “Father of Medicine”. Introduced together with Buddhist teachings in combination with indian medicine and yoga practice, it is part of the buddhist practice since then and it is teached in temples.

The method consists mainly in two practices performed by the therapist: applying pressure on precise spots of the body (acupressure) while making the patient assume stretching positions similar to yoga poses. As in chinese acupressure and in japanese shiatsu, attention is put on energy lines called meridians or sen lines to favour circulation of Prana (energy of the invisible body). When Prana does not flow correctly along sen lines you could be experiencing some kind of discomfort that could degenerate into a pathological state. Thai Massage purpose is that of restoring the correct circulation of energy.